Umbrian Lentil Soup (Makes 4 servings)

Rinse lentils, put them in a cooking pot and add water. Bring to a boil and cook for about 20 minutes. Add salt just a few minutes before taking away from heat.
Meanwhile scrape pigskin and pass it over a flame to remove hair. Wash it and boil in water for about 40 minutes together with laurel leaves. Drain and cut cooled pigskin to pieces.
Sauté chopped celery, carrot, garlic, onion and peeled tomatoes. After about 10 minutes add pigskin and lentils. Add water and lentils broth little by little and cook for about 15/20 minutes. Serve hot.

A suggestion is to toast some slices of bread, place one on each plate and pour soup over this bruschetta.
Another suggestion is to cook sausages together with celery, carrot, garlic, onion and peeled tomatoes, add some white wine and then add lentils and water as suggested above. Control if sausages are ready by pricking with a fork.