Valnerina - Ferentillo - Marmore - Terni

Leaving our Agriturismo, follow the road signs for Norcia and Cascia, and after the tunnel turn southwards to the right, and go towards Terni. You will enjoy running along the Valnerina road.
This is the “green heart” of Umbria and the main characteristics here are water, vegetation and beautiful views of deep gorges. One of the places where we suggest to stop is Scheggino. This village is 281 m.asl and 650 people live here. It offers a charming view, thanks to its position on the top of a rock.
Trout-breeding is a well developed business here, thanks to the good exploitation of river Nera, that flows across the heart of this village.

Following the same direction, reach the interesting environment of the Parco Fluviale, the first in Italy to take up organic agriculture. Here is Ferentillo, a village 252 m.asl that looks like being still protected by the bastions of the Precetto Castle on the left, and of the Mattarella Castle on the right. This village is famous for the Museo delle Mummie, a place with an unreal atmosphere set in the 14th century vault of S.Stefano church. Ferentillo is also famous for Free Climbing, thanks to its rock-faces suitable for this sport.
A miss-not is the 8th century Abbey of S.Pietro in Valle, with valuable 11th and 12th century frescoes, just a few kilometres away from here.

The renowned and fantastic Marmore Falls are not far from here. These are the highest artificial falls in Europe (165mt -541 feet- in 3sections) It was made by ancient Romans, following the plan by consul M. Curius Dentatus in 3rd century BC. He thought to build the so-called Cavo Curiano to drain the stagnant water of river Velino, coming from Rieti, into the river Nera, flowing below. Today the falls are exploited to get electric energy. It takes about three hours to visit Marmore Falls, the Belvedere path and the Balcone degli Innamorati.
Terni is just 7 km away from here. Take SS3 Flaminia to come back to Eggi.