“A’ Ligacciola Restaurant

After the recent renovation of the old stable of Collelignani farm, we created our restaurant, that still preserves the structural features of its old purpose. The wide room has a simple style and plain forms and it is well lit by the windows all around. All materials are first rate and a particular attention has been paid to tables and chairs, manufactured by local craftsmen. The big fireplace, at the bottom of the dining room, gives an atmosphere of intimacy and cheerfulness to the restaurant so that the meal time blends taste and soul.

“A’ Ligacciola” is a term of the dialect of Spoleto that stands for the cloth bundle (frequently red and white checked) that the farmers used to take their lunch at work in the fields. They brought bread, cheese and salami, a small mess box containing pasta and a wine flask and ate and drank among the olive trees, at harvest time, in the vineyards, during grape picking or in the hills, if they had to take their animals on pasture. Alone or together with the work mates, eating time was a moment of peace and rest to recover from hard work.

All ingredients used to prepare our dishes are organic and “km 0” (based on the zero food miles concept): the main part is produced directly in our farm or it comes from selected organic producers of our area.

Egg pasta is homemade using high quality flour; all sauces are cooked according to traditional recipes and all dressings are prepared using our own vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. In this way even a simple salad gains a special taste!

Meat is mainly grilled: chianina steaks, chops and sausages. We prepare also a tasty mixed roast with lamb, free range chickens and guinea fowls.

We grow legumes and cereals like lentils, spelt, barley, chickpeas, chickling, broad beans, peas and also Colfiorito red potatoes and all that can be cultivated in our small vegetable garden. It keeps us very busy but it is very satisfying to serve healthy food!!

All products change according to seasons and are cooked following the simple traditional recipes typical of this land, handed down by our grandmothers. We continue our endless research for these old and rare flavours and scents in order to offer these simple preparations and guarantee high quality food.

For all these reasons, kind guests, don’t expect sophistication, elegance and refinement: here you will find simplicity, kindness and all the typical characteristics of country people!

The restaurant is always open upon reservation.

It is possible to arrange personalised or vegetarian menus.