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Umbria offers a great variety of activities to do. The very nature of the territory, history and culture come together naturally to create a healthy and recreational environment.

There are many cultural initiatives, historical and architectural places, which attract many tourists to our territories. Not to mention the very rich food and wine offer with simple but very high quality products.


For the more active, in the area you will find the possibility of doing a lot of sports such as:

- Rafting on the Nera river

- An adventure park: Activo Park in Scheggino

- Trekking and mountain biking on a myriad of paths and on the Via Francigena

- Rock climbing in Pale and Ferentillo

- Go horseback riding in the middle of the Castelluccio of the Monti Sibililli park


A noi ce piace magnà!!!


Quality eating is a fundamental point of our culture and our customs.

Oil, truffles, legumes, wine and "butchery" are the pillars of the Umbrian culinary tradition.

Cellars, oil mills and festivals of all kinds alternate between parties and gatherings throughout the year.


  • Nera River

  • Waterfall marmore

  • Sibillini Mountains Park

  • Piediluco Lake

  • Lake Trasimeno


Spoleto first and foremost and all the other cities of art in the surrounding area are full of artistic and cultural events such as:

- the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto

_ Umbria Jazz and Eurochocolate in Perugia

- Living nativity scenes scattered throughout the region

There is no shortage of theaters and concerts.


Umbria, land of saints.

The region is literally an open-air museum among churches, cathedrals, medieval castles and ancient Roman ruins.

Near by

An excellent opportunity to take a trip and explore Umbria, we indicate some of the places you can visit

Valnerina and its villages

  • Norcia

  • Cascia

  • Spoleto

  • Trevi

  • Foligno

  • Spello

  • Assisi

  • Perugia

  • Terni

  • Narni

  • Orvieto

  • Gubbio

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